July 13, 2024
Games, Prizes, Fun! $500 Cash Jackpot
Poker Run & Live MusicRegistration starts at 10 AM with a noon departure. All Vehicles Welcome! Route includes: Fresh Horses in Harrisburg, The Big Dill in Tea, The Only One in Tea, Kim’s Corner in Worthing, and The Wheel in Canton.
Live Music to Follow
Starts & Ends at Fresh Horses Saloon
308 E Willow St
Harrisburg, SD

As the fastest growing county in the state of South Dakota, and the 9th fastest growing county in the country, Lincoln county should never have been considered as a potential home for 1,500 of our state’s worst offenders.
There are few locations like Lincoln county left in the country. Low crime, high growth, growing nearby schools, limited traffic, and a bustling economy. With a new prison all of that changes.
For a state who’s primary economic driver is agriculture, rezoning 320 acres of our most nutrient dense land away from ag production and into the department of corrections is irresponsible and goes against the county’s growth plans. Erecting a prison on some of the most highly sought after property in the state requires an extreme amount of logical gymnastics.

Our organization stands for a future where our community’s voice is heard, and where decisions regarding the penitentiary are made in a manner that prioritizes the well-being and interests of our community. Through advocacy, education, and collaborative efforts, we aim to ensure that our community remains a place of transparency, accountability, and shared decision-making, preserving our way of life while addressing the challenges at hand.

Public Safety

This prison will make our community, the citizens, the school students, and businesses unsafe. From Harrisburg to Canton, Sioux Falls to Worthing, Tea to Lennox and everywhere in between, the negative impact of the proposed mens prison will be significant.

Economic Growth

Aside from not being in Lincoln county’s development roadmap, the prison will stifle our economy, not grow it. Taxes will increase. Homeowners’ property will decrease. Government expenses will skyrocket. The utility infrastructure will become more unstable.


There are many reasons Lincoln county is leading the way for South Dakota. Hosting a penitentiary in the heart of South Dakota’s fastest growing community is not one of them.

Join the Fight

There are proper procedures to which every building project, small or large, must adhere. The prison should be required to go through all of the channels for planning and zoning that the citizens must go through on building projects.

No prison should be built without due process. Contact your representatives.

Consider supporting this effort with your finances to aid in legal expenses.